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Here are some guidance for materials of which you wish us to design your advertising.

Material should be sent via e-mail, usb memory or via cloud such as dropbox.

Photos should be at least 300dpi. This ensures sharpness of the images.

8-12 megapixel photos qualify for prints as big as 420 x 300 mm.

16-20 megapixel photos qualify for prints as big as 1000 x 700 mm

Prins bigger than that will reduce the sharpness of the photo. for example 20 megapixel photo as big as 1000 x 700 mm resized to 2000 x 1400 mm reduces the sharpness to 150 dpi. in wide format print this is sill acceptable, but bigger than that will look blurry.

If Customer send us smaller photos than asked, the designer does not hold accountability about photo quality. Ofcourse we will confirm that it is our customers purpose.

All logos should be in .eps, .svg or .pdf. if logos are sent as bitmaps, they WILL be vectorized, which will add cost (90€) to the final product. Vectorized files will always be delivered for the customer in 3 different forms.

Always send the pictures as .jpg, jpeg, tif, or png. 

PLEASE NEVER add photos in a word file or other office programs. (These programs reduce the size of the photo and sharpness into 72 dpi which is ok for display but will not work for print.).

Best bitmap formats which will work 99% sure:


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