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Good bye B2B, we live B4B


At this point, in year 2018, there's only one person working at our company, which is me, the entrepeneur herself, Veera Anttila.
I have over 6 years experience working in advertising, as a graphic designer and "jack of all trades" which means, I have done sales, puchases, production, office managing, accounting etc, almost everything you can imagine an ad agency doing.

My main field is Graphic design but i have a wide range of skills, like wide format print, digital printing press, post processing, vinyl installation, signmaking, construction drawings etc. The list is long.

In addition with my own experience, I have a bunch of good contacts with whom I'll make your advertising shine and step out on your field.
Leave your competitors far behind and choose us assist you on your journey.

Some of my work has been noted by the press and have won few prizes in truck shows. A MB Sprinter designed by me, and wrapped by my associates in honor of 100 year old Finland got also attention from the press among finnish professional drivers.


Why is marketing our passion? Because good marketing and advertising helps our entrepeneurs success.

Every company has their unique product or service, for every company is a unique one. We all have a solution for our customers problem, but how can we help them solve it if they don't even know we don't exist? 

Our passion is to help entrepeneurs. We want to be a part helping our fellow entrepeneurs rise higher and higher as fas as we can. We work B4B, business FOR business.

I wish my company can help your company with its sales, marketing and advertising.

Our values are to produce honest, trustworthy marketing, because nowaday a truth about marketing is that being honest, open and humane are most attractive features weather talking about companies or people.

We treat our customers as persons and we aim to fullfill your dreams and wishes, but we promise, that we won't make bad advertising, and we promise to be open about the facts. This is because your brand is your biggest and most important asset in marketing, and if it fails, companies can get to trouble, so let's keep you safe, right?

Our Goal is to make our customer stand out from its competition and produce more value for their brand. We also aim to work with a positive attitude and have fun while doing it, most preferably with you, if you let us.

Behind this link you find my personal samples
of work that I have made since 2011.

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